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Gosport Water Front by Malcolm Sowdon DPAGB

About Us
Our aim here is to provide you with useful information about our Club so that you can discover what we are about and when we are about it.
Gosport Camera Club was founded in 1952. We are relatively small (about 50 members) but friendly and active club which always welcomes new members at any level of expertise. 
You don't need to be an expert, just so long as you enjoy any aspect of photography. You don't even need to enter competitions if you are content to enjoy others' work.
To see examples of our members work have a look at the GALLERY below. To see a larger version of the image left click on the image. Please note that the COPYRIGHT © of any of the images on this website belongs to the owner of the image.
Further examples of our work may be viewed on the
Anyone interested in JOINING the club can attend a few meetings free of charge before deciding if they would like to become a member.

 Also please feel free to contact our Chairman .
See Club Meetings Programme
Club Affiliations

Gosport Camera Club is a member of the
Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF)
which is affiliated to the
Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB)
Competitions Page
  1. Managing Director
    by John Ring CPAGB
  2. Managing Director
    Little Egret
    by Tim Reekie
  3. Managing Director
    Swiss Alps from the Glass Train
    by Chrissie O'Neill
  4. Managing Director
    Humming Bird Hawk Moth feeding
    by Jon Mitchell
  5. Managing Director
    by Dave Kirkland
  6. Managing Director
    Life savers
    by Malcolm Sowdon DPAGB
  7. Managing Director
    Wren with spider offering
    by Jon Mitchell
  8. Managing Director
    The coldest hour
    by David Kidd
  9. Managing Director
    Adams T3
    by Dave Kirkland
  10. Managing Director
    Broad bodied dragonfly
    by Pat Clipstone
  11. Managing Director
    Brownsea squirrel
    by Jane Richards
  12. Managing Director
    Day dreaming
    by Nathan Newman
  13. Managing Director
    Washed ashore
    by Nathan Newman
  14. Managing Director
    The Tour de France must wait
    by Rosie Lancaster
  15. Managing Director
    British Airways
    by Jane Richards
  16. Managing Director
    Paddle boarders
    by Debbie Bielby
  17. Managing Director
    Lamp Room
    by Dave Kirkland
  18. Managing Director
    Let's cook No. 2
    by Tim Reekie
  19. Managing Director
    Lost in space
    by Tim Reekie
  20. Managing Director
    by Tim Reekie
  21. Managing Director
    The brewery
    by Nathan Newman
  22. Managing Director
    Old steps 012
    by Graham Whistler FRPS
  23. Managing Director
    The unwanted
    by Jon Mitchell
  24. Managing Director
    Kids at play
    by Dave Carter
  25. Managing Director
    by Graham Whistler FRPS
  26. Managing Director
    Frosty flowers
    by Graham Whistler FRPS
  27. Managing Director
    The water tractor
    by Barbara Holder CPAGB
  28. Managing Director
    Weeping Fungus
    by Pat Clipstone